Clinical results of a percutaneous technique for trigger digit release using a 25-gauge hypodermic needle with corticosteroid infiltration.

  • Yoshihiro Abe
  • Published 2016 in Journal of plastic, reconstructive & aesthetic surgery : JPRAS


Clinical results of a percutaneous needle trigger digit release (PNTDR) technique using a 25-gauge needle with corticosteroid infiltration are reported. This prospective study assessed 52 digits that underwent PNTDR. Experimental results were compared with those of a control group with only steroid injection. Patients who underwent PNTDR were divided into diabetic and nondiabetic groups, and assessed after 1 week, and 1, 2, 3, and 6 months post surgery. The quick disability of the arm, shoulder, and hand (QuickDASH) questionnaire and visual analog scale (VAS) score for pain were completed both before and after surgery. PNTDR showed better statistical results than the control group. At final follow-up, 94% of patients were rated as excellent or good, recurrence was observed in 3 digits, and QuickDASH and VAS score significantly decreased. This technique was equally effective in patients with moderate or well-controlled diabetes with favorable results.


9 Figures and Tables

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